Vintage bookshelf at a local cafe.
What are your reading goals for 2018?

I know we’re already a month into 2018 (I was suppose to post this in January), but I still wanted to discuss my reading goals for this year with you – and who knows, we might have some of the same ones.

After failing to complete most of my reading goals for last year, I decided not to plan out any concrete ones for 2018. Of course I still want to make a dent in my TBR pile, but I don’t want to stress myself out if I can’t complete a goal or read a certain number of books. Instead, I want to go for a more ‘relaxed’ style of reading, so here are my reading goals I for 2018:

Read (at least) 12 books

I aim to read at least one book a month – the reason for this is because I don’t want to feel like I’m constantly behind other readers. Sometimes pressuring myself to read a certain number of books, for the month or year, puts me in a reading slump which all readers know is dreadful thing. Hence, this year I don’t want to worry about the quantity of books I read, but rather the quality of the book. I want to ask myself more questions like: Does reading this book make me happy? Did I learn or take something from reading it? As the saying goes,

Life’s too short to read bad books and drink bad coffee.

Summer spent reading at Algonquin Park.
Read More Diverse

As a woman of colour, I want to read as diversely as possible. The world contains more than one single story and some voices aren’t being heard. I want to learn about different cultures, backgrounds – I want to read in as many diverse perspectives as I can. Books mirror the lives of the readers, and when I started to read more diversely I connected to the stories better and that made me enjoy reading them even more. Last year I read quite a few diverse books, but this year I want to double the diverse books I read and to read books by written by people of colour.

Reading diverse books and relating to the stories.
Read More Classics

A goal I make every year, but find very difficult to keep is reading classics. Don’t get me wrong, all the classics I’ve read so far, I’ve loved. But when it comes to classics, it’s the language and the style of writing at the beginning that puts me off from really getting into reading it – well at least that’s the issue for me. Therefore, this year to keep me from dozing off while reading classics I intend to not read them by myself – I’ll be doing buddy reads throughout the year to keep me accountable.

One of my favourite modern classics.
Listen to Audiobooks

When I was in university, I used to do most of my reading via audiobooks when I was on my commute or doing chores around the house. Since I’ve graduated, I have not been listening to audiobooks that often but no more – this year I plan on listening to at least 1-2 audiobooks a month. I do enjoy reading physical & eBooks as well, but I find that you can utilize your time more efficiently when adding audiobooks to the mix. Anyone else feel this way?

Broaden Reading Scope

One of my biggest reading problems is that I tend to stick to the same genres a lot. I can’t help it – I love my fantasy, historical fiction and true crime reads. Nevertheless, this year I want to my reading to be memorable, I want to minimize the number of forgettable books and increase reading books that have an impact on my life. I plan on getting out of my comfort zone and reading genres that I usually wouldn’t pick up like:
-Non-fiction & Memoirs
-Magical Realism
-Literary Fiction

The Secret History was one book that I read last year and loved. I wouldn’t have read it if I hadn’t broadened my reading scope.

What did you think of my reading goals? Did we have any similar ones? Let me know in the comments!



  1. My only concrete reading goal is to ready as many of my unread books as possible whether it’s 50 or 100 books. 😅

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Yes that’s also one of my goals, so many unread books on my shelves right now xD

    • Wow! I am so happy I was tagged! I want to answer all your questions because i also have an enormous pile of tbr. I have to come back and browse through your other posts. Love it so far… but i have to, ahem, leave for a meeting at university. Beautiful pictures and i better get going!!!!

      • yeldahyousfi Reply

        Aww thank you so much!!!! I’m overwhelmed with all the love and support I’ve gotten for this post!

    • One book a month is an attainable goal – I read 35 books in one year a couple years ago – I’ve not been able to get close to that again – maybe this year

    • Same here! I have a million books that I bought in hopes that I would read them soon, and then I end up just getting more books at the library, and the cycle continues.

  2. Great article! I do share your opinion of the audiobooks, but I find more attractive to read a real book. I loooove it when I feel the smell of a new or an old book. It seems like it really takes me into the atmosphere of the book. Reading real books is definitely more attractive. Keep going! I like your instagram account and I m happy I discovered now your blog.

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thank you Denisa! I’m glad you liked my post, I’m hoping to do more reviews now that I have a blog + lot’s of bookish travel posts! So excited 😀

  3. Last year, I set myself a “read POC” challenge. In the end, only about half of my reading list ended up being POC. That said, I exceeded my goal of number of books read and discovered I love memoirs! I’d like to go back to reading more classics and genre fiction. I read exclusively classics for a long time, and then completely went the other direction.

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Oh that’s so amazing Laura, I’m glad to hear lots of people reading more diverse books. Yes, I want to read more classics this year as well. Good luck with everything <3

  4. Catelyn Kramer Reply

    I really want to read more diverse books this year, too! I love all the photos in this, btw.

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thank you so much Catelyn! I’m glad to hear that, I might do a post soon about diverse reads written by PoC that will be coming out this year.

  5. Anusha Poddar Reply

    Hi, your idea behind taking it slow and reading just enough books to keep yourself satiated made me go over my decision again. I don’t really have a list, I just pick up what speaks to me at the moment. I really want to cultivate a strategic reading plan but I guess that is not happening for me anytime soon. Good luck for the year. x

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thank you for you comment Anusha! I don’t have a list either, I’m more of a mood reader and only plan to read (at least) 12 books.

  6. I’ve been reading non-fiction for quite some time now. And i learned a lot from those books even though I’m a very slow reader. I hope you’ll enjoy your reads, Yeldah Yousfi!

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      I’ve been reading a bit more non-fiction this year too! They’re great, and very informative.

  7. Cassie Goodwin Reply

    I love this approach to reading goals. I am also trying to add a diversity of writers and genres to my reading this year. I look forward to seeing what books you find.

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thanks Cassie! I’m glad to see more people having similar goals like reading more diverse books written by PoC, I also plan on writing a post on some books soon!

  8. My reading goals are to explore different kinds of “reads”. I cannot live without my books, the feel of pages etc. But I want to explore what the allure of audiobooks and podcasts and such mediums are. I don’t think they’ll convert me but if like to give it a shot.

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      That’s a great goal, thank you for sharing! Yes, audiobooks will never replace physical books for me but I like to listen to podcast when I’m doing chores or driving.

  9. Daniel Dueñas Reply

    This year I’ve been able to read some fun contemporary lit. “Wild Sheep Chase” by Haruki Murakami was a great look into the past. It was his first published novel and it’s insane to see how his style started versus where it is now with a book like “1Q84”— both highly recommended.

    The other one this year is Robert Galbraith’s “Career of Evil” the third installment in a murder-mystery series set in London. The true author is J.K. Rowling; she’s always had a murder-mystery style about her, so it’s fun seeing her go all the way with these books. At several point the content made my skin crawl in the best possible way.

    Now it’s time for a different type of stimulation.— “Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People about Race” is my current read and I’m so excited to acquire more truth from it.

    Take care!

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Oh those are some awesome reads! I love Murakami novels, but have only read a few. Hopefully I’ll read a couple more this year!

  10. Cassie Goodwin Reply

    I thought my first comment didn’t post ugh! 🤦🏽‍♀️

  11. Nafisa Siddique Reply

    My siblings pushed me to set a goal of books this year, so I picked 25. Last year I read at least 20 but I also read a lot of scholarly journals for uni (average 20 pages) and I’m not counting them. It’s my first time reading to a “number”. Let’s see how it goes.

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      That’s still a great number of books! I only read 24 books I think last year, but I was okay with that.

  12. I loved this article! I just found your Instagram recently and was so excited to find u have a blog! I did a horrible job at reading in 2017 yikes and I hope that these goals will help me. Especially interested in the read more classics. I don’t know which you have read but The Martian Chronicles and Flowers for Algernon are my favorite. 🙂

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thank you Reggie! Oh I haven’t read those ones but I’ll add them to my list!

  13. Our reading goals sound really similar! But I’m struggling trying to balance uni and work already.

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      That’s cool, but don’t worry if you can’t keep up with a goal. Work and uni are difficult to balance, I’ve been there.

  14. bibliophile.c0m Reply

    Love you goals!! My goal is 40 books for the year but i’m already behind….

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thanks!! And it’s okay if you’re behind, even reading one book a month is good! <3

  15. Hey!
    Great post, I really enjoyed getting to read all of your reading goals for the year! I am definitely trying to read more this year, and a wider range of books as well! I’ve been really into reading more classics lately as well 😊

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Hey to you Megan! Thanks for reading my post! 😀

  16. Oooh, I love that you’re trying to read a minimum of 12 in a year. So many of these annual reading goal lists intimidate me as they say something like ‘read a book a week’ and that’s just not feasible in my life. It’s particularly difficult when you’re trying to introduce classics. Like yourself, I’ve always found the classics so satisfying and enjoyable to engage with but, you really do have to engage with them and this takes up so much more time! Not to mention, sometimes when you finish reading something heavy you just want to follow up by, you know, reading Harry Potter…again! Best of luck with your quest! x

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my post Christina! And I definitely understand what you’re saying, kudos to those who can read a book a week but sometimes we don’t have enough time and that’s okay. As for the classics, I plan on starting with shorter ones like Picture of Dorian Gray and some Sherlock Holmes.

  17. My goal is to stay away from reading on iPad.. my kindle is arriving tomorrow and couldn’t be more excited to catch up on the mystery novels

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      That’s awesome! I’ve been enjoying mystery novels these days too!

  18. Great post! Yes, I want to read a greater diversity of books, I find myself drawn to the same type of books too often. I want to read more poetry also. But, the biggest goal is to spend a lot more time reading and drinking coffee.

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thanks! Those all sounds like great goals! Wishing you the best Shauna <3

  19. My reading goal is to read more often! I’ve added a spot on the habit tracker page of my bullet journal this month to read one chapter or equivalent a day. So far so good!

  20. My goal for 2018 is to make the time to read. I used to read 2-3 books per month. Now with part time studies, full time work, juggling family, I’m too tired to read at the end of the night.

  21. My only goal that I can barely make is to read 50 books in a year….. I just get so distracted… whoops 😬

  22. Yes can definitely agree in broadening my spectrum of genres I read, and listening to more audio books is something I’ve never thought of. I gotta say though I tend to devour books, so I read one or two a week.

  23. Thanks for sharing! I feel better now about my “failed” reading goals… just because I don’t read a certain number of books doesn’t mean that I’m failing. And I love your point about how quality is more important than quantity!

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thanks so much Hannah! of course, never feel bad if you don’t read a certain number of books!

  24. I love these goals! I’ve been thinking a lot of what kinds of books I want to read this year – and I agree, I want to be a bit more diverse. I’m just finishing up The Immortalists, which is more contemporary than what I usually read. I love the classics and definitely want to dive into some of those as well this year. Just so many books, so little time!

  25. I love your reading goals for 2018! Simple, no pressure and new things! Mine are similar.

  26. I love your writing! My goal this year is to read all the books I bought last year but never read… it might take a while though haha

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thank you! I’m really happy you liked it 😀

  27. I love your list! I want to try audio books now and I also have the same reading goal of 12 books this year. I’m pretty busy so don’t always have time to read 🙂

  28. I love the 12 book goal you set!! Sometimes I get so caught up in hitting my number in a year that I will stress out about it and that’s never what reading should be! It should be relaxing and fun, where if you have a goal of 12 it’s no pressure to read a certain number a month (well, besides one). Great post!

  29. Cindy Casimir Reply

    I’m glad I took the time to stop by! I truly enjoyed your reading goals. It actually put a little spark in me to follow through with my own reading goals. My favorite one is taking it back – reading old school classics. There are a few books I would love to re-open 😉

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thank you for giving my post a read Cindy! I plan on reading or rereading one classic per month, it’s going okay so far.

  30. My goals are to read more middle grade, audio and diverse books This year!

  31. Amber (jewellreads) Reply

    I want to branch out with my reading genre as well. I tend to stick to one genre (YA) and now that I’m 23 I have been reading more memoirs and non-fiction writing. I also want to read more diverse books. As a POC I don’t read books too often that I can relate with so I am on the hunt to find more books like that.

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      I agree with everything you said, it is hard finding books written by PoC and this year it’s my goal to read more but also share the books I read about!

  32. I want to get through all the books on my bookshelf that I’ve bought and never read. Is a tad hard with a new baby though lol.

  33. I’ve never considered audiobooks before — I may give a couple a try this year!

  34. We have a lot of the same goals! I did end up putting 100 books as my Goodreads goal, though..but I do want to listen to more audiobooks! And read even more diversely.

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      That’s awesome Shirin, glad you want to listen to more audiobooks.

  35. What a fantastic article! It definitely gave me a lot to think about.

    I set myself a reading goal each year by participating in the Goodreads Challenge, I do not stress myself over it, if I finished it, great, if I don’t finished, also great, I enjoyed the journey of reading. I am pleased to say that my reading scope has widened over the years, I am reading books I never would have read before and I am happier for it.

  36. Farah Tarek Reply

    I totally agree with these goals!!!!
    I face the same problems feeling behind your goals and start getting pressured is an aweful feeling. Reading supposed to be realxing and fun.Also when I started to read more out of my comfort zone it felt very good and beneficial,specially memoirs and biographies and now they are one of my favorite genres but still facing some problems with the classics.

  37. I only have two goals! Read 40 books and try to read more classics!
    I really enjoyed reading about your 2018 reading goals!

  38. My goals are modest – I would like to read 2 novels by James Baldwin and 2 non-fictions by Ta-Nehisi Coates. May be Toni Morrison as well. It will be black history year for me.

  39. Hey, I loved your post, well written and digestable.
    I work in a bookshop and find myself surrounded by books all the time but struggle to find the time to read many of the books I do see. I hope that you are able to complete your goal of reading 12 this year. Personally I am going to try and make sure that every book I read is quality or of a new genre/idea/writing style that I haven’t investigated before.

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thanks so much! Definitely let me know via instagram if you do read some good books, always looking for recs!

  40. As for reading goals, I haven’t really set any up this year. After moving and the added responsibilities I completely changed my viewpoint on certain things and the pressure a reading goal set on me wasn’t working out with how busy my life is at the moment. So I just want to read what I pick up and have the time for even if I only read one or two books a month.

  41. My goal is to finally get through a couple more GOT books this year and to finally tackle my huge tbr pile that I’ve put off while finishing uni!

  42. Nibi John Babu Reply

    Amazing read! My goal this year is to read all the books I picked up in the last one year, and still haven’t read. I have been reading more on my tab while commuting, than reading an actual book. Finally, my husband and I decided at the beginning of the year to set aside time before bedtime to read. So far, we are doing great!

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Yay! That’s amazing, I’m happy you are getting more reading done! Plus setting aside time to read at night is a great idea.

  43. My goal is to read more books from unknown locals polish authors and try read book in english, maybe Canadian author? 🙂

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Awesome goal, definitely let me know how that goes!

  44. Ile Barrionuevo Reply

    My reading goal is to read five books a month… but is very hard to me because i have not got time… I will try!!
    Greetings from Argentina! 🙂

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Oh that’s a great goal, but don’t put too much pressure on yourself if you can complete it. It’s okay <3

  45. Your reading goals sound wonderful! I’ve been wanting to read out of my comfort zone this year and your post is helping to inspire and encourage me to do it. Have a wonderful day!

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thank you for reading Shelbi, hope you have a great day too!

  46. My reading goal is always to give chance to new authors and different ganres,sometimes to see what is in trend right now.Many times I don’t like what everyone do but atleast I see it and it’s not for me,know myself too well.

  47. I love audiobooks when I’m trying to multitask – like washing the dishes or other chores! And I read epubs/PDFs on my phone during my commute (makes the TTC way less painful lol). But otherwise a real book is always great.

    For me, making a list of specific books made it easier to reach goals – one summer I made a list of all of Jane Austen’s novels and slowly but surely worked my way through. If you liked Pride & Prejudice and/or Sense & Sensibility, the rest of them are very similar but still worthwhile reads!

    Lastly – a recommendation for non-fiction (I never read it either) – I had to read the biography of Sir Frederick G. Banting for school and found it absolutely fascinating! A Canadian who discovered insulin – pretty big deal 🙂

    Happy reading!

  48. Angela Chavez Dupee Reply

    My goal this year is to read 75 books….i upped it from last year’s 50. I’m trying to challenge myself to get through the books I haven’t read thay are sitting on my shelves. And for every 5 books I read I will allow myself to buy a book if I choose to. There are so many great reads coming out this year it is so hard not to buy them all!!
    I want to enjoy my reading and not feel like I’m slacking so I usually don’t check my friends progress on their reading challenges.

  49. My goals are to make a dent on the ever growing list of unread ebooks I’ve bought!

  50. IG: artoodeetwo

    My goals are similar to yours, plus read more from Our Shared Shelf. ^_^ Your content is everything I adore! Please keep it up.

  51. Darling Dahlia Blog Reply

    I struggle with the same things – I stick to the same genres, never seem to find an opportunity to fit an audiobook in, and neglect the classics! I hope to fix all of that in 2018. Oh, and I love your photography! <3

  52. Ruth Abrio Reply

    I love reading books too! 😂❤️🌈✨ It widens my imagination. TBH. 😂❤️ Love your feed! 😍❤️

  53. I agree about not putting pressure on yourself. I have my goal set at 2 books a month to keep it simple.

  54. I love the goal that reading a book every month. I have a friend that she did plan the goal to finish reading 12 books during the whole year. You know what , she bought audio CD books and listened them on the way to work. I was with her one time when she was listening “The Sunshine Sister”. A great book. Your goal is so amazing too. 👍. Keep up with it.

  55. IG; @mai_yuja
    you motivate me to read more books
    that’s cool <3

  56. I am here from the giveaway… But I think that you write very well, because i kept reading and reading… My goal is to read 18 books for 2018 and not more diverse but more specific for the topic that I am interested in… (sorry personal stuff can not share) have a nice and beautiful morning

  57. Okay I’ll be honest. I didn’t make any reading goals but you have totally inspired me to ! I love to read and soak up all the knowledge and inspiration I can but I realize I really don’t read enough. Can I do as good as 1 book per month? Why not try !?

  58. Katie Long Reply

    I want to move away from my standard classics and read more books in translation. I want to focus myself away from North American and Western/Central European Literature to diversify. That’s my goal for this year!

  59. Karen Painter Reply

    I’m aiming to read 2 books a month and listen to 2 audiobooks a month too.
    I like to read non fiction books especially about wildlife, autobiography and self improvement type books.
    Novels don’t really interest me but I might try the odd one here and there if the story sounds appealing.

  60. Helen Thurston Reply

    My goals are to read at least five of the books that I’ve had in my to be read pile for over a year now and not to read the ones I bought more recently until then.

  61. I love your goals (and blog)! Mine for the year we’re slightly similar. I tend to stick to reading the same genres so a few friends have gotten me to try something new. Fantasy fiction and some classics are on this year’s horizons 🙂

  62. I have not read much in the past 5 years while i’ve been having kids, and my TBR pile is big and overwhelming and where I want to be constantly! I always have an actual book, an ebook and an audiobook going at once, so I can be reading anywhere and anytime! Good luck with your reading goals, it’s so nice to see a ‘normal’ amount of books to be read in a year. I don’t understand how the book bloggers and vloggers read that amount in a month!

  63. I’d like to read more non-fiction as well! I didn’t read any last year but there were so many interesting books!

  64. Great reading goals for this year! I’d like to be more consistent with my read and I’d like to also read more non-fiction books!

  65. Hello!

    I like that you mention your drive to try and read diversely, especially being a person of color.
    I think this is important to note out because reading from a wide range of authors let’s you gain a better sense on all the perspectives that exist. Not everyone tackles similar genres in the same way. I’m also working on reading more, since being in college rarely allows me to have time to read for pleasure. Yet, I try and make the best of it. Taking literature classes kills two birds with one stone for me.

  66. I love your goals, especially the one about reading more diverse. I have 4 little ones and so finding time to read is so hard for me, but I am in 2 books right now and definitely want to step up my reading game. My sister-in-law is an author so I’m finishing up her 3rd book in a series before her next stand alone book comes out! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway. Beautiful blog!

  67. I love reading! Unfortunately, I don’t get much time to do so! And usually after reading textbooks 24/7, I don’t want to read for leisure! But this summer, when I have a break from classes. I want to read a few books! Might start with re-reading To Kill a Mockingbird 🙂

  68. Hi,
    I’m a 26 year old Indian femala. Somewhere between studying and working, I lost connection with reading and travelling. I would really like to just sit by a cafe in Italy sipping wine and reading a book. Now I have a great job that would give me some time off to travel, but I don’t have friends to travel with at the moment because they’re busy shaping their lives now like I was a year or two ago. I’m not too sure about travelling alone and I don’t want to waste these days away. I’ve considered booking a travel package and just winging if, but it would be so much more fun with someone who gets me. Do you have any suggestions? I really would like to travel

  69. Great idea of having a reading buddy to keep up with your to do list xx

  70. Awesome content! My sister and I will surely enjoy this! (IG: Fluffy Anika123)☺️☺️

  71. To be honest I haven’t got much in the way of reading goals, I’m trying to get out of a reading slump at the moment 🙁 I’d like to read one or two classics and try some of the books I’ve seen floating around on goodreads but that’s it! I don’t really like audiobooks, I tend to zone out and miss parts so I’m constantly rewinding so I don’t miss anything!

  72. Hi yeldah, I recently just discovered your blog through your instagram account and I have to say you have great quality content on both platforms. My goal this year is definitely to broaden my reading scope too, like you I too often find myself sticking to one genre. Not that there’s anything wrong with it but I really want to read more literatures and diverse books. I don’t know if you’ve read a little life by hanya yanagihara before, but oh gosh that book is something else. Have a wonderful day!
    (ig: notoriouslybookish)

  73. I started to read since last year, cuz so that I can improve my language anyways 💞✨

  74. My goal is to catch up on some of the classics I really should have read by now 👌

  75. I found this post very relatable. Having a too strict schedule for reading takes away from the enjoyment value, which is why it should always be taken at your own pace! Really enjoyed this article, it was very ensightful 🙂

  76. Alizeh Zara Samar Reply

    Wow…. Amazing blog it is. I love your work, your dedication towards this page will lead you to the epitome of success! Keep rocking and Stay Blessed! Lots of love! ❤

  77. I ran into a giveaway you’re currently hosting on Instagram and the books you selected really wanted me to pick your mind and then I saw you’re an active blogger which, all is perfect. Reading your blog I saw this…, “As a woman of colour, I want to read as diversely as possible. The world contains more than one single story and some voices aren’t being heard. I want to learn about different cultures, backgrounds – I want to read in as many diverse perspectives as I can. Books mirror the lives of the readers, and when I started to read more diversely I connected to the stories better and that made me enjoy reading them even more. Last year I read quite a few diverse books, but this year I want to double the diverse books I read and to read books by written by people of colour”

    Well hoping I could pick your brain ended up your words really picking mine and I have to start reading what you read!!!

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      That’s so kind of you to say! I am getting quite busy, but I want to do more reviews and travel post! Hope you’ll like them!

  78. acrossthepages Reply

    Great post! And my reading goals are similar to yours 🙂

  79. Evi Finarti Reply

    My only concrete reading goal is to ready as many of my unread books as possible😁

  80. Nice blog! Same feels when I’m reading a classic book. The style of writing and the language in the beginning is the reason why it feels off when I’m reading one though I keep on reading it ’cause I have to for school. There are even times that I have to look for the meaning of a word or phrase that I don’t understand so I have a dictionary beside me haha. 🙂

  81. So I’m not going to fib, I did find your Instagram through a series of random clicks leading me to your contest post, i saw the stunning crossbody bag and after reading through the post rules i saw you were giving away the books too, I was interested to enter so I did, (this furthering my entry of course lol) !! Well taking a look at the books, my skin shivered with excitement when I saw the fiction book but the first one in particular made me immediately interested in your brain… that is such a bold book to choose for a public giveaway and to read in general! And beautiful nonetheless, that you’re acknowledging the elephant in the room. I’m glad this was the most recent blog you wrote because after readjnf, it definitely gives more insight on your intellectual thought process and how I also can adapt to such. I too am a woman of color and many Nations and would love to delve into the topic more intensely and understand other perspectives!! And we’ll… What’s beautiful about a book is you have to shut up and listen lollll.

  82. Great goals! Very thoughtful. I only had one goal, read 30 books. I’ll have to think about adding additional and different kinds of goals.

  83. Reply

    I also love reading books and I’m into fiction.. My goal for this year is to finish book series ❤

  84. My reading goals for this year are to read as many books as I can…that own. I tend to make piles of books and only read a few. And I have so very many wonderful books on my tbr.

  85. Hi! I’m a new subscriberesse and I’m really looking forward to seeing more beautiful book posts! 🌹
    @makeupivana_ 💟

  86. Wow, you definitely are driven! I wish I could share your plans, I agreed with all of them, actually. So, what the hell…Why not? Reading is a simple way to reach other universes and grow. I used to get stuck on a particular genre as well and when I got out of my “comfort zone” I discovered wonderful reads so I’ll cheer you on to do so. Great post and great resolutions (?). ♡

  87. nicola hocking Reply

    I love your reading plan for this year. I don’t have a set plan as such. I do however want to read different gendres than I do at the moment. I love crime fiction but have read a few non-fiction memoirs that I have loved.

  88. I love that you set several different types of reading goals! I usually only ever make one reading goal related to reading a certain number of books, but I think I like what you have here more.

  89. You are so right, life is too short to read bad books. But sometimes they come across our way *smile* I like your post and thanks for the giveaway you are doing.
    Best wishes
    Vi @Inkvotary

  90. I like your instagram account and I m happy I discovered now your blog.
    IG @rudenand67

  91. Love this list! And AMEN to “Life’s too short to read bad books and drink bad coffee.”

    I know we’re almost halfway through 2018 but I had to comment on this! In the past I also have made book goals that have been unattainable, so I made my goal this year 24 books and so far, I’m just one book behind schedule. I too am aiming to read more of the classics and read from a more diverse selection.

    I just discovered this blog, and so far I’m loving! Thanks for putting out great content!

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thanks so much Lindsey! I need to update and start doing posts every week now that I’m a bit free from work.

  92. I’m hoping to finish up to my to be read stack! I have so many, and I keep buying more books but I just can’t help it 😬

  93. Even though it basically the end of the year my reading goal was to read 52 books, read more diversely and venturing out to different genres than my normal go to genres. This year has been a great reading year and I think next year I plan on doing the same goal.

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