Reading by the Eiffel Tower.
Part 1: Paris, France

The city of love and lights – I knew that my first trip to Europe had to be in Paris. It was one of the  city I’ve always dreamed of visiting and when my cousin texted me one early morning in September asking me if I wanted to go to Paris since the flights from Icelandair were only $450 for a round trip, I practically screamed YES through text.

View from our boutique hotel.
While in France, it’s a good thing to have a book set in Paris.

Paris is one of those cities you can’t get tired of, to say it’s mesmerizing is no joke.

“You never forget your first time in Paris, the city of lights.” – this is one of the most quotable lines and it’s 100% true! It even started snowing while we went to see the Eiffel Tower, it was pretty magical.

Eiffel Tower sparkling in the night.

Eiffel Tower

Lightly snowing while we were taking photos at Tracadero.

Things to Note While in Paris:
  • Take the subways and trains everywhere, you don’t need to spend lots on taxi fare. Just grab a map in the appropriate language and go!
  • Don’t be afraid to ask people for directions or anything really, they are so friendly!
  • Wake up early if you want to get some stunning photos without lots of people. Best time to visit Paris is in the winter around the end of February, where there are hardly any crowds.
paris travel guide
Visiting Notre Dame
paris travel guide
Where to Stay in Paris:

There are a lot of great boutique hotels which have the charm and character that larger hotels don’t have or there are some great Airbnb’s that you can stay at. Therefore, I recommend you book in advanced because they get reserved and fill up quickly.

Streets of Paris, France.
Sunsets in Paris, France.
Things to Do/See in Paris:

If it wasn’t so cold out, I would walk my heart out of this city. There is so much beauty within every inch of the city, so walking is the best way to discover it and that’s a major piece of advice I have.

  • Taking a stroll down Seine
  • Seeing Notre Dame
  • Louvre
  • Eiffel Tower Tour
  • Shakespeare and Company
  • The Abbey Bookshop – a little bit of Canada in Paris.
  • Lots of outdoor cafes.
Shakespeare & Co.

One of my all time favourite bookshops in Paris.
Part of the Louvre.

Overall, I loved my trip to Paris but I found that 3 days was not enough time to see everything in the city.  Next time I visit I’ll be sure to book a longer trip and probably go in the spring so I can catch a glimpse of the blooming tree season or autumn time when the leaves are changing colours.

Have you been to Paris? If you have, what do you recommend seeing, do have any favourite places to eat or shop?

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  1. I am going on a trip to Paris this January so this was very helpful! I am worried about it being too cold to walk around, but maybe a brisk walk will do! What books set in Paris would you recommend?

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Oh that’s awesome! I think it was only cold when we went because even most of the locals were surprised about the weather. It’s great since you can take the metro to a lot of places. I would recommend The Dictionary of Animal Languages by Heidi Sopinka.

  2. The very first time I flew on a plane, and took my own trip without my family, was to Paris. It was in July 1989, where I saw the celebrations of the bicentennial of the French Revolution. I was a young man then.
    This July, twenty-nine years later, I’ll finally return to the City of Light for a week. I am so looking forward to it. In anticipation, I have a short reading list, including a new history of Paris in the 1940s (The Left Bank) and a novel by Maupassant during La Belle Époque. I can’t wait!
    Very nice photos of Paris. Also, I’ll be visiting California for the first time this October, so I’ll look at your post about San Francisco. (And I have a brief reading list for that, as well!)

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Oh wow, that’s amazing! I hope you have a great trip to Paris! And enjoy Cali as well, San Francisco is one of my favourite cities in the States.

  3. I think Paris is one of the best cities to just walk around without a clear destination! There are so many tiny museums and shops that you might never see otherwise. I totally agree on the small hotels note, too. 🙂

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thanks so much Tamara! Yes I totally agree with you there, it was just wonderful! Looking forward to going back soon.

  4. I’m currently on my first European trip! We’re backpacking Central Europe, so unfortunately no Paris this time around, but I can’t wait to go someday. It looks stunning!

    – @dizzyreads

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Oh that sounds awesome! Hope you have lots of fun! Which countries are you visiting?

  5. I went to Paris for the first time in 2013. The Notre Dame was definitely my favorite place to see so I’m glad you made it there! Beautiful pictures by the way 🙂

  6. Photos look stunning.. Read it ,saved it, I go to Paris, I take print out of this article with me..I am very serious about it

  7. This is an amazing post. I totally love whatever you put out and I’m a big fan of anything aesthetically pleasing and trust me, I am more than pleased 😃

  8. Planning to visit Europe this August , hopefully it will carry on but Paris is not yet in lur itinerary. I will plan the next trip to Paris soon! 😊

  9. Your pictures look beautiful! Thank you for your tips because I will definitely use them when I visit!

  10. What a beautiful fotos they are! I like travel too but i didn’t travel overseas. I hope i will someday! Have a nice day!

  11. Gorgeous! I love reading books set in the same city when I travel. Paris is the ultimate destination on my bucket list.

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      It’s a beautiful city so I hope you visit soon! <3

  12. Paris is one of the first cities I want to visit right after I finish university, I like that you gave a lot of advice and guidance for the people who are planning to go there ❤

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      It was my first city after uni too! Thanks for reading Noor!

  13. Urooj Siddiqui Reply

    The city of love ❤ … on my travel list ever since i was a teenager haha. Hope to visit it soon.

    Your post was very informative. Thank youu for sucha detailed review.

  14. This post made me want to drop everything and leave for Paris! Awesome work. Also I wish I had money saved up to do the same as you. I really need a break

  15. I‘ve been to Paris before for about a we k and it was a really beautiful city but there were many people (men) there who tried to touch us and sell stuff to us with shady methods.

  16. I have my eyes on some tickets from Atlanta to Paris. If they could just come down a little bit id be golden! Fingers crossed!

  17. These are such stunning photos! I haven’t been to Paris in years and these are a lovely reminder to go back!

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thank you! It’s a wonderful city to go back to every once in a while!

  18. Would really love to explore the bookstores and galleries in Paris!

  19. Nice post. I’ll definitely use your tips when i wanna visit Paris.

  20. Loved reading the way you’ve documented your trip and photos to go with it are absolutely stunning! Paris is high on my travel bucket list!

  21. I’m kinda crying çwç I really love travelling, but I can do it as much as I’d want to. Paris is still in my bucket list, I hope I will add it between my real memories asap!

  22. I have always wanted to visit Paris someday. Maybe i will when i earn enough money 😅 . This post is so informative and the pictures are gorgeous.

  23. thank you that’s was very helpful …. inchaallah soon i’ll be able to do it

  24. What a lovely trip! I had never thought of visiting Paris in February, but I might be inspired to now. If I ever make it there, I will be visiting Shakespeare & Co. for sure.

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      It was nice because there weren’t many people and hardly any long lines.

  25. I’ve never been to Paris but I definitely want to someday. I’ve been to Italy before—and loved it!— and France is definitely on my list of places to visit! And you’re right, 3 days is never enough to visit such beautiful places! Great photos, they truly captured the city’s beauty and made me want to be there! 🙂

    Ps. I’m bookishcoffeelove on insta.

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thanks for reading Gigi! I would love to go to Italy, it’s high on my travel list 😀

  26. Bibliographer Reply

    Worth going up to Montmarte too, the old artist’s quarter!

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Yeah I know, sad I didn’t get enough time to explore the city more.

  27. Hope I could go someday, but for today as we need money for other needs, I’ll be satisfied on reading other traveller’s stories xD

    And I agree with you, 3 days is not enough xDD

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Yes travelling is so expensive, I was saving up for this trip since I started university. Hope you do get to visit one day 😀

  28. I liked the post very much. I feel it covers about everything one needs to know. I have been lucky enough to go to Paris twice, once in winter (end of February) and another time during the summer (June-August). While I totally agree with you that if you go in winter you skip the crowds (which works wonders if you want to climb up Eiffel Tower or take pictures in the highly visited touristic attractions ), sunlight is limited in winter and there aren’t any boat rides through Sienne. I preferred it in the summer, crowds and all. I would definitely recommend seeing Montmartre and the Picasso Museum.

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thank you for your recommendations Carla!I’m excited to go back in the early spring time or early fall.

  29. So far I have only read about Paris (and watched movies set in it) but never actually set foot in the city. From your post I can see that people are not kidding when they talk about its charm. I am most interested in the architecture, I think when I finally see Louvre or the Notre Dame I would just stare and do nothing else for the first 5 minutes. Thanks for the post!

    (I’m @bookheavenmel on IG )

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thanks so much for reading! It’s a wonderful place to visit!

  30. I’ve never been to Paris. Now it’s definitely one of the “must” destinations on my bucket list ❤

  31. Omg that post is amazing i would love to go to paris!!! The Shakespeare and co bookshop will diffently be on the list aswell as the eiffle tower and the lourve. Plus the food. I would just love to walk around and experience it find a little cafe and just people watch. Now i wanna go.

  32. I can’t wait to go experience Paris one day! Looks like you had a lovely time. 😍

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      It was amazing – a bit cold, but still really nice!

  33. Ahh, this looks so amazing! I would love to go to Paris one day and I’m sure these tips will come in handy. ☺️

  34. This sounds like the trip of a lifetime! I’m hoping to be able to explore outside of the U.S within the next year or so.

  35. Sometimes when something becomes too popular or “mainstream”, we stop giving it credit for how incredible it truly is. That has been the case with Paris, for me! But you’ve done such a lovely job of reminding the traveler in me of what it is that I’m truly missing out on. I’m hoping to be in Europe at the end of summer this year, and I’ll try my best to visit Paris – finally! Thank you for the post 🙂

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      omg I’m so happy! I know what you mean though, but Paris is such a beautiful city and I hope you love it as much as I did!

  36. Yeldah, I’m definitely taking up your advice of visiting Paris in Feb. I hope you continue to travel and make awesome memories for yourself.

  37. swear_by_my_books Reply

    Yeldah, I am smiling with glee while reading your blog. Awesomesauce!!!!! Paris is truly fascinating and all the hype never seems overrated. I completely adore The Little Prince. Love, swear_by_my_books.

  38. AMAZING!
    Which Country es are you visiting!
    Hope you have a good trip!

  39. Fatima Khalid Reply

    I’ve never really liked Paris but your post makes me want to go

  40. When I went to Paris it was lovely, springtime and only little rain. A beautiful location to sit with a book and a coffee 😉

    – @another.raedon.sister

  41. @catareale Reply

    Oh, I’d love to go to Paris. My dreams since I was a child is to go to England and Paris during my summer holidays. First place I’d visit from your list: Notre Dame. I’d like to spend an entire day there!
    PS: I love the photos🖤

  42. What about the restaurants? Any recommendations on where to get some of their famous treats

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      I honestly forgot the restaurants we went since I didn’t really take photos of them. Hopefully for my next trips I’ll make more notes on where to eat.

  43. Great post! My hubby and I went to paris in April and it was just wonderful! I don’t think I could ever get bored of it! 💕


    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thank you Helen! Glad you had a great time, it’s a lovely city!

  44. Everything about this post is beautiful from Paris to the photos you took. I am traveling to europe in a couple of days so this was really helpful

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Glad you found it helpful Laura! Hope you have a great trip!

  45. Unfortunately I have never been to Europe but I am planning to go next year. Obviously, Paris is the place to visit and specially Shakespeare & Co. I was really happy to see your pictures of it because they reminded me of one of the most important books ever written that was first published here due to banning in the English speaking countries: Ulysses, by James Joyce. I think no booklover should ever miss such a historical place. Thanks for sharing your pics and experiences.


    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thank you! Hope you have a great time when you visit next year! I just posted my other blog post about Amsterdam as well if you’d like to check it out.

  46. I haven’t visited Paris yet. However, I do have Shakespeare & Co, the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, France countryside in my to-check-out list. Reading your post and seeing your photos has been such a visual treat.

  47. Bookishdreamer Reply

    Paris is one of places that I really want to visit. OMG, I am happy to see this. I get so many information about Paris from you. Thank you so much. Your photos are pretty 😍😍😍

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thanks so much love! Hope you get to visit Paris one day soon <3

  48. Your photos are amazing! I absolutely want to go to that bookstore in Paris! I love reading about countries I haven’t been to yet and you make me want to go even more now lol.

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