Endless frozen canals of Amsterdam.
Part 2: Amsterdam, Netherlands

As one of Europe most beautiful cities, Amsterdam is a wonderful place to see. I found my time in this city quite enjoyable. The endless canals which are usually decorated with flowers, lined with bikes and floating house boats, were frozen solid. The canals had not frozen in 6 years, so I thought that was a fantastic way to remember my first trip to Amsterdam.

Bikes all around the city.

Best cozy cafes found in Amsterdam.
Things to Note While in Amsterdam:
  • Even with the weather as cold as it was, the city is very busy and watch out for bicycles and trams while crossing streets since they have right of way. This is no joking matter, my little cousin got hit by a bike.
  • English is widely spoken in the Netherlands.
  • If you don’t want to spend too much on taxi fare, be sure to take the trains into the city centre. They are conveniently located under the airport.
Places to Stay in Amsterdam:

There are quite a few great hotels but we stayed in an Airbnb which was in Zoetermeer, a city in western Netherlands. We would commuted to the city centre by train since they have such an easy and efficient system.

Things to Do/See in Amsterdam:
  • Walking tour is a must if you are in Amsterdam for a short period of time but want to see most of this picturesque city.
  • Van Gogh Museum: It has the largest collection of Van Gogh’s pieces, so for any art lover this museum should be at the top of your list.
  • Canals: Personally, my favourite part of this city was that you can spend your afternoon wandering around the endless canals that get more picturesque.
Reading by the endless canals.
  • Anne Frank House: Recommended for everyone, especially for those who have read Anne Frank’s memoir; now you have the chance to dive deep into Jewish history and tour the house of the diarist Anne Frank. Fills up quickly so make reservations before hand.
  • Rijksmuseum Museum: At the national museum of the Netherlands, you can have an inside look at Dutch history or just admire the beautiful outer building.

Overall, my trip to Amsterdam (and a couple of other cities in the Netherlands) was very enjoyable! I want to make a plan of visiting again in the spring to be there for tulip season.

Have you been to Amsterdam? If you have, how’d you like your time there? What are some things you recommend seeing, do have any favourite places to eat or shop?

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  1. Gianni Reiza Maulania Reply

    I’ve never been to Amsterdam (never been anywhere really, never got out of the country lol) you’re so lucky you can travel! And I would love to visit the bookstore someday, it looks so old and pretty! Anyway I’m entering your Instagram giveaway, my username is reigigigia. Thanks!

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thank you for reading! I hope you get to travel soon, I honestly just started to travel out of Canada this year.

  2. I’ve always heard about the Amsterdam here and there, and now it really sounds amazing after reading this post about the Amsterdam. :)))

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thank you! It’s a really great place to visit!

  3. I haven’t been to Amsterdam but I’d really love to go there someday! Thank you for this beautiful sharing!

  4. yeldahyousfi Reply

    Hey, thank you for reading! I would start out with the free option but if you are serious about blogging just getting a domain and theme is good too!

  5. Victoria Cunningham Reply

    So jealous of all of your traveling!! All of your photos are lovely 😍

  6. Thank you for sharing your experience with us! Also for the giveaway. 😆

  7. Tashathenasha Reply

    Ahh I went to Amsterdam this year and thought it was amazing!

  8. Terry Pearson Reply

    I lived in Amsterdam years ago, actually around the corner from the Rijks Museum, and I must say you hit all the sweet spots. The canals are my favorite thing about Amsterdam, besides the people. Ik hou van de Nederlands .

    Great blog and IG account.

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thank you Terry! It was a great city, loved it so much! I actually visited 2 other cities in the Netherlands as well, so it was great!

  9. Akane Arai Reply

    Greetings from Guatemala! Love your posts and giveaways! Such an inspiration for bookworms 😀

  10. thanks for this! I really want to visit Amsterdam and this is super helpful! x

  11. Ámsterdam seems like such a dream place! Your photos are amazing; love your blog ❤️❤️

  12. Been to the Netherlands but not to Amsterdam yet. Anne Frank’s House is definitely a must!

  13. Love your Instagram account and this made me want to visit Europe again! 😍 @eliza2ndaccount

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Aww thank you Eliza! Yeah I definitely want to go back soon!

  14. I went to Amsterdam for the first time, two years ago and had a great time. I was very disappointed not to get chance to see Anne Frank’s House. After queuing for almost two hours it shut!

    My highlight was the incredible library at the Rijksmuseum!

    Amsterdam is definitely somewhere I intend to revisit but my next trip will be to Prague, for the 6th time! I’ll never get bored of it and your photos are making me long to get back soon. I’m planning a trip for November for my and my fiancé’s birthday (they’re 2 days apart!)

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      That’s so nice! Yes, I hope to visit Amsterdam again soon but I did love Prague as well! Hope you have a great trip Debra!

  15. Clara Gowtama Reply

    I want to go here someday and visit Anne Frank House 🙂 your pics are gorgeous BTW, love your post! 😍

  16. Clara Gowtama Reply

    Love your post 🙂

    Wish I could go to Netherlands one day. Need to save up for the trip 😁😁

  17. I’ve really enjoyed Instagram on my long layovers there. Your trip looks like it was lovely. I’m really glad your giveaway led me to your blog!

  18. Such an interesting series! I haven’t been to Amsterdam YET :)) but I think that the Van Gogh Museum will be the first place to visit and, also, I’ve got Anne Frank’s memoir on my reading list.

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thank you! Yes they were both great places to see if you ever go to Amsterdam!

  19. I’m going to Amsterdam in September and this post was very helpful! Thank youu🔝❤️❤️

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      OHH that’s awesome! Hope you have a great time!!

  20. This is honestly such a magical place to visit. I really wanna visit Amsterdam one day!!!

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