Part 3: Hamburg, Germany

We took a 5-hour train ride from Amsterdam to one of the biggest and unique cities in Germany, Hamburg. With a long maritime history, this North Sea port city has a distinct feel from anywhere else in the country and tons of cool things to see and do.  We also have family in Hamburg so one of our goals for the trip was to visit them.

Things to Note While in Hamburg:
  • Try to learn some basic German phrases. Not everyone understands or speaks English.
  • If you don’t speak German be sure to book the tours with an English-speaking guide.
  • Book tours and make reservations in advance, there aren’t too many different times to choose from and they fill up quickly.
  • They often can’t take foreign cards, so make sure you have cash.


Places to Stay in Hamburg:

The hotels are very affordable and comfortable, most are only a 15 min walk from the train station which was good because most of our train rides were early morning ones.


What to Do/See in Hamburg:

Hamburg is such a big city filled with great food. I loved walking around a city to feel the vibes and enjoy what it has to offer and how it’s different from the last place. You can walk around the port, fall for the padlocks and find peace in a hidden square.

My favourite part of the trip, the Chocolate museum. We got a taste of every process that chocolate goes through, from the fruit and bean shell to the finished chocolate. Our guide was excellent as well!

chocolate museum

Making our chocolate bars with all sorts of different ingredients.
All of our finished chocolate bars.

  • Kunsthalle Hamburg: largest art museum in Germany.
  • Hamburg Townhall
  • The Hamburg skyline

This city is known as the Venice of the Northern Europe – with 2,500 bridges that cross rivers and canals. It’s popular to take an 1-hour boat trip around the canals. Unfortunately, the canals were frozen solid when we visited so we didn’t go on a boat ride.

Downtown strolls are the best way to explore the city.
Houses by the piers in Hamburg.

Have you been to Hamburg? If you have, how’d you like your time there? What are some things you recommend seeing, do have any favourite places to eat or shop?

If you’d like to check out my Amsterdam Travel Guide it’s the second part to this series.



  1. I’ve never been to Hamburg, but after reading your post I’m willing to go! Besides, your photographies are so beautiful.

    • I’ve always wanted to visit Germany! Especially Hamburg, so thank you for all these tips, I’ll note them down for when I can go.😃

  2. I’ve been to Hamburg quite often – and really love the “Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe”. But mostly I go there for concerts in several places. 🙂

  3. It’s refreshing to see a clear and concise post on a city I hope to visit someday. I love the sound of the Chocolate museum! 🙂

  4. Terry Griffin Pearson Reply

    European chocolate is the best; creamy and refreshing. You make me want to go just so I cn make some chocolate bars! I was going to Berlin the ed of July and Hamburg could have been added. Safly, my mum might be having heart surgery if she passes the required tests and I will instead be in Texas. Germany will always be there forcme, my mym will not…she’s minths shy of 91.

  5. I haven’t been to Hamburg before. I’ll put Hamburg on my list of places to travel.

  6. Stray_homan Reply

    I love the photos you took!!
    I have never been to Germany
    I’d love to try the chocolate museum!!

  7. It’s been years since I traveled through Germany and I never made it to Hamburg. One day I hope. Wonderful, informative post.

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thanks so much Cait! It was my first time in Germany, hopefully not my last though.

  8. I think I’ve never read a tourist’s guide about Hamburg before but yours made me want to pack my bags and go there right away. I mean, nothing can be wrong in a city that has a Chocolate Museum!

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Thanks Andrea! It was a great city to visit and had the best food and chocolate!

  9. Wynne McGrath Reply

    Hi Yeldah, your blog post in Hamburg makes me so nostalgic. I have been to Hamburg, but it has been many years and I sadly didn’t get to explore the wonderful city as much as I wish I could. Your post reminds me of the best of the city and what it truly has to offer.
    Thank you for the inside information,I know I will have to return soon!

  10. I have never been, but I would love to go. The chocolate museum sounds incredible and I am a big fan of walking around new cities.

  11. I haven’t had the privilege of visiting Hamburg, but based on ypur description and photos, it sounds like a culturally rich place that would be gorgeous to see and visit! Perhaps the boat ride for next time!

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      It was my first time in Germany, and we went mainly because of family but it was really fun!

  12. Ankita Arora Reply

    The Chocolate Museum has me in splits 😍
    Would love to visit this gorgeous place soon!

  13. eatingtheirwords Reply

    I’ve never been but will check back here if I ever plan a trip!

  14. Ugh Germany and chocolate at the same time? Life doesn’t get much better than this 💖

  15. Such an interesting post! I have always been intrigued by Hamburg. I almost got to go late last year for work, but got severe bronchitis and a colleague went instead of me. He said it was freezing, there was a blizzard that stranded him at the airport and all. So I guess it was good I didn’t go. Maybe some summer…

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Yes it does get pretty cold since it’s northern Germany but the weather was okay when we went in early March.

  16. Ahhhhh!!! köln has always been top of my german cities list but you are making me fall in love with Hamburg!

  17. God, I’d love to go here (plus, the chocolate museum is an added motivation). Your travel photos are always so beautiful 😍

  18. I’ve been to Hamburg and it is such a beautiful city. I loved it so much that me and my boyfriend are actually thinking of moving there some time next year!

    • yeldahyousfi Reply

      Oh that’s awesome! It’s a great city 🙂

  19. I’d love to visit Germany. All of the cities seem to have such unique things going on

  20. spacebutton Reply

    I speant a year in Germany when I was 17, and I loved Hamburg! Going back to Germany is on my bucket list.

  21. Adiba Amil Reply

    This post made me travel crave😍 And those pictures are breathtaking. 💞 Hopefully someday i too will have the fortune to visit this stunning place😊

  22. Martha Burzynski Reply

    I haven’t been, yet. But now I want to go for a boat tour and the chocolate museum!

  23. Love this. Adding Hamburg to my travel list 🙂


  24. I’m going to Germany in the summer and will try and get to Hamburg since it sounds amazing! A friend has also been and loved it. Thanks for a great blog post! xx @thetillyreads0397

  25. I will definitely be heading to Hamburg after this dope blog post!

  26. I’ve always wanted to visit Germany and Hamburg seems lovely.

  27. I’ve never been to Hamburg (or Germany! or Europe!) but I’d love to go one day. I took first-year German in university and would love to use it a little!

  28. I’m planning a trip to Paris in the fall — now I want to tack on a trip to Hamburg! This is great!

  29. You make Hamburg look like a dream! It’s definitely going on my list!

  30. learnenglishm8 Reply

    Thanks for the pieces of advice and informarion . It’s highly informative.

  31. I am from Hamburg! I’m so glad you liked it there. It’s the most beautiful city in germany 💙

  32. Adding Hamburg to the travel list now – you make such a good case for it. Plus, there’s a chocolate museum. 😍😍

  33. citizenliv Reply

    I *think* we visited Hamburg on our European vacation as a child but I can’t remember! Wish there had been a visit to the chocolate museum 😍

  34. I have never been to Hamburg but after seeing this post, I definitely want to visit there. The pictures are beautiful! And, The Chocolate Museum! Gosh! So fascinating! 😍 Thanks for your useful tips about the place. I have been through your other posts as well and they are all just Dreamy !!
    Its really soothing to see how passionate you are about the things like travelling and books.
    Keep shining! ❤

  35. Thebookishdreamer Reply

    Wow. I really want to go there because of you. Your pics are so gorgeous 😍😍😆😆

  36. Margaret @theroadtohappypages Reply

    Love this series of blog posts! Such a great idea!

  37. Tinydarl (Tia) Reply

    Now Hamburg is in my travel list. Such a beautifully taken pictures

  38. Morganmelchor Reply

    I’ve never been to Hamburg, but I’d like to after reading this! I’ve been to Hamlin but this sounds amazing 😊

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