Part 5: Vienna, Austria

Another 3 to 4-hour train ride and we arrived to a city filled with art and music – Vienna. In every corner you could feel the rich history this city had to offer and the luxuries of life awaited in most corners of the inner city.

We visited trendy cafes mixed with small boutiques, the night life was amazing and for a large city the clean streets were signs that this city knew how to clean up. I just couldn’t stop taking photos of this beautiful city. Again, we were in the city centre so we would take a tram (which was only 25 mins away from the city centre).

Cafe Central where we had a traditional Austrian breakfast.
Things to Note While in Vienna:
  • English is spoken in Vienna, but it doesn’t hurt to learn some German phrases.
  • Best time to visit to avoid crowds is early spring (end of March).
  • If you don’t want to spend too much on taxi fare, be sure to take the subways / trains / trams into the city centre. It’s also fairly easy to get around using the subways while in the downtown core.
Did I mention they have great cafes and places to eat 24/7?
Where to Stay in Vienna:

Lots of great boutique hotels and Airbnb’s you can stay at, and most are fairly cheap.

For the reader & book lover:

A must-see in Vienna is the National State Library. It’s like the library from Beauty & the Beast!

National library of Vienna.
What to Do/See in Vienna:
  • Walking tour is always a must for me. I feel like you get a good sense for what the city’s about, and the hidden facts that you might not discover by just walking by.
  • Visit the National Library, it’s stunning! Also free for anyone under 19.
  • Coffee culture is amazing here so be sure to visit local cafes and coffeeshops.
  • Stephen’s Cathedral is a stunning Gothic style cathedral that towers over the city.
View from the famous Ferris Wheel in Vienna.

Museums, shopping, food, architecture, music, it’s all here. Vienna is one of the most romantic and European cities and it is so much fun. This is a laid-back city full of culture and a sense of style. Whether you’re just wandering the streets or you’re devouring art in museums, you’re sure to find something you love about Vienna.

Have you been to Vienna? If you have, what was your favourite part of the city? What are some things you recommend seeing, do have any favourite places to eat or shop?

If you’d like to check out my Prague Travel Guide it’s the third part to this series.



  1. Love love love all your beautiful photos here♥️ I would like to see this magnificent city myself one day!

  2. National Library! It’s must be an inspiration to Beauty and Beast’s screenplay writer xD

  3. My god. This post is so travel lust arousing!!! 😍🌈thank you writing it! Lots of love

  4. The library is great, plus beautiful architecture design makes it wonderful. How many days you think needed to enjoy the city?

  5. All thanks to the giveaway post, i got to know about this amazing blog 😍

  6. Noha Hashem Reply

    I’ve never been to Vienna but after seeing your gorgeous photos, I’m definitley adding it to my bucket list😍

  7. OMG😍 I hope I can travel to Austria one day. It’s one of my biggest dreams to travel in Europe, hope I can accomplish that dream.💕

  8. Got extreme TravelGoals feeling after reading this. And it’s really gonna be helpful whenever I’ll plan to visit this place. Keeping this link in bookmark 😁

  9. Thebookishdreamer.fir Reply

    I love seeing your journey and your photos. Even if I am not there but I can feel as if I am there when I read your blog. I really want to go to Vienna someday. I hope I can. I love ferry wheels picture the best 😀😀😀💕💕

  10. Fallenfordarkness Reply

    This place seems So Beautiful. & I’m positive this blog will help so many people. ‘Cause most of the time in new places, specially while traveling, it gets hard to find where to visit and which places are interesting in the country.

    Keep going girl! ♡

  11. OMG. Your pictures are so beautiful! Makes me want to jump in and experience the place..

  12. Vienna is so beautiful! 😍😍😍 And the library is amazing! Reminds me of the Victorian Age with all the decoration lol.

  13. shaneybreathewords Reply

    I’m sooooo jealous of you. I haven’t even left my country. Beautiful pictures though.💙💙💙

  14. Vienna to me is all about art and culture , it can give a great oppurtunity to people to know more about different aspects of art through meseums ,libraries and even the shape of buildings that are unique. I wish i could visit Vienna someday.

  15. Vienna sounds lovely. I never visited but my parents did before I was born.
    I loved this set of pics and tips about the city.
    And I thoroughly enjoyed the comparison to the Beast’s library ^_^
    You know, when I went to see the movie I immediately recognised the very library they used as inspiration. It’s the library of the University of Coimbra, in Portugal (my country). I’ve been there twice.

  16. Hey! Thanks a lot for the giveaway on your instagram account. I love books. ❤😍👌🌹

  17. Hello! I ‘ve commented on your instagram post (giveaway) too. I’m from Iran and I love reading books in English! THANK YOU SO MUCH. 🌹🌹🌷🌷

  18. Nada Tarek Reply

    Loved this 💗💗 Vienna is on my bucket list from now on 😆😂❤️ Love u and ur blog so muchh ❤️❤️

  19. Rhea (RufusReads) Reply

    Love the photographs in the blog post Yeldah! This is indeed super well written ☺️🙌🏼

  20. sarah farroukh Reply

    Your blog is really informative. Your writing skills are amazing. I love the photos too. Last but not the least it’s simply beautiful.♥

  21. Vienna is amazing! My parents lived there while my dad was in the Army. I was always envious of my older siblings that got to live in different places growing uip. They were in Italy and Germany too. I got to see some of the world so far from my time in the military but nothing quite as magnificent as Vienna or Amsterdam.

  22. I went to Vienna in November and it was a wonderful experience. The Kunsthistorisches Museum is a must. With an audio guide you can spend at least a day in there and it’s fascinating.

    Also, if you get the chance, attending a concert in one of the cathedrals is also a great experience. They usually have quite a few options/ venues so it’s worth having a browse but it makes for a lovely evening.

  23. Love the photos! Thanks for the travel guide, Vienna sounds lovely!

  24. Ruth Abrio Reply

    The library, the foods, and the buildings are everything!! 😍❤️

  25. Ankita Arora (TheMomeSapient) Reply

    I love the photographs 😍 You have captured the feel of the city so well with your words!

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