Dealing Through my Social Anxiety with BEACON

This digital life we now live in has changed so much in the last few years and I believe it truly does affect our mental health – many times not it a positive way. I started my Instagram account as a hobby which slowly turned into a part-time job, but with being a ‘content creator’ came many responsibilities. These responsibilities impacted my mental health drastically to the point where I would push away my loved ones or have imposter syndrome…

Reading Goals for Twenty Eighteen

What are your reading goals for 2018? I know we’re already a month into 2018 (I was suppose to post this in January), but I still wanted to discuss my reading goals for this year with you – and who knows, we might have some of the same ones. After failing to complete most of my reading goals for last year, I decided not to plan out any concrete ones for 2018. Of course I still want to make a dent…

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