Stratford: Perfect for an Autumn Roadtrip!

Last weekend I got the chance to visit Stratford, ON for the first time. Since travel has become more restricted these past few years, it gave me the perfect chance to discover places closer to home! Here are all the things to do in Stratford (which I tried myself) while you’re visiting: Gallery Stratford Located a short 5-minute drive from downtown Stratford, Gallery Stratford was founded in 1967 and occupies a beautiful heritage Victorian building surrounded by gardens and greenery.…

Perth: The Perfect Mini-Getaway from City Life

Perth is often acknowledged as the prettiest town in Ontario, and agree completely. Located approximately four hours from Toronto and just over one hour from Ottawa, this pleasant little town is full of charm. Town of Perth Sign The Town of Perth Is in the heart of stunning Lanark County breathes vibrant culture and an age-old heritage that exists through the brick walls of its historic buildings. It’s a town of green parks, rested on the Tay River, surrounded by…

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